Down those ancient streets….

Celtic Soul have been paying tribute to Sir Van Morrison, and his music, for over ten years.

It all started when a few of the band were asked to perform an evening event for a group of International visitors to Ireland, with the theme being something musically local; what better way, they thought, than a night of music penned by one of the greatest musicians ever to come from local shores, and the band were born.

To do the material justice and to treat it, and the writer, with respect, a few other musicians joined to give the lineup that has remained unchanged over the years, vocals and saxophone, trumpet, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, keyboards and drums were added to produce the sounds that have lasted a generation.

Morrison’s music has had many influences from his own journey, gospel, soul, skiffle, blues, jazz, folk and rock, Celtic Soul have all these ingredients to offer a genuine re-creation of these genres, and treat audiences to a true reflection of a master craftsman, and his work.

We are augmented, from time to time, with a string section, opening up further opportunities to look at material from the likes of Astral Weeks, an album which we were fortunate enough to play on a few commissioned concerts and were delighted to perform with some other local artists to celebrate 50 years of the Album with a live recording, curated by Ralph McClean of the BBC, an unforgettable musical event.

Playing venues across Ireland, from Dublin to Belfast and beyond, Celtic Soul have performed in some amazing places, from the renowned Sugar Club in Dublin, through to our own iconic venue, a sold out Ulster Hall.

Add to that, an incredible evening in The Bb Jazz Club in Berlin, and you’ll start to appreciate just how dedicated Celtic Soul are in producing the all important sound, Van once said, in an interview with Candy Dulfer, playing music at level zero might be accepted by some, but it’s what you do above level zero that makes it count.

Let Celtic Soul take you on that journey, a journey which has seen many people who remember Van Morrison’s older work enthralled by our sound, and younger people who have only heard the name want to find out more, and embark on their own journey of discovery.

Down those ancient roads…..